With the new year right around the corner, I remembered a list I made last year of my new years resolutions and was surprised that I finished almost all of them. Normally I make a resolution and forget about it by Spring time. ha! This year I was determined to actually set goals and finish them. There is something so satisfactory about that.

The first was to finish my scrapbooks because last year I decided I was going to stop scrapbooking. As much as this breaks my heart because of the memories I have scrapbooking with my mom and sister for hours on end and my love for the activity, I am a realist and know that when I have kids and life happens, I will get behind and always have a cluttered corner of pictures I need to get to (aka hoarding). I will still scrapbook but in a cheaper, less time consuming way on Shutterfly.(the books are thinner too so they wont take up so much space) I have used them for so many books, cards, calendars and they are an awesome company. I will do one for each year and that way I will always be on top of it..I am always trying to simplify my life and this will help me to do so.

IMG_6248 IMG_6249

Smile more. I can be serious and I think too much, so sometimes I forget to smile at strangers or when I am walking around. This one I am still working on and think I will always be working on! But I will say I am in such a good place right now, so smiling does come a little easier.
















Finish six sewing projects. This one I ended up finishing and then some! I feel like I learned a ton with sewing this year and can't wait to learn more. I enjoyed making things for Darren and other friends and family. It's a nice feeling to have the basics down so I can get a little more creative now.

IMG_3116 IMG_3861 IMG_4374 IMG_4706Start healthy living: mind, body, spirit. This one I became very passionate about this year. I don't believe you can be whole if you have parts of your life that are chaotic. I am the type of person where, if I am not feeding my spiritual self, everything else goes down with it. I can't eat crappy food everyday, but then feel healthy because I do Yoga. At the beginning of the year I felt like I could do better in every aspect of my life. I felt like I could really become more educated in my mind with books. I started reading How to Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay and it has opened my mind to concepts and ideas that have helped me immensely. When I started reading I felt an assurance that it was exactly the thing I needed to find at this time in my life. For my body I decided to give up fast food starting in May. It was too hard to accomplish with Darren's summer job so we tried again at the end of August and I started doing Yoga. I ate fast food a few days ago because it was kinda the only thing that sounded good, but boy did I regret it. The way it made my body feel was repulsive. It reaffirmed my decision to give it up in the first place. I love my body and want nourish it with healthy things. Yoga has helped me so much as well. It has helped me become more in tune with my body and has helped me to relax. For someone who worries and stress out more than I should, this has been an awesome new thing for me. My spirit, I think, will always be the most work. I see this as my relationship with God and my spirit inside. I still have so much healing inside that needs to be done. I need to forgive, love and do more for myself and others. The awesome thing about these three things, though, is that that all go together and when I work on one, I work on all three. I love this journey of change I am on. I encourage all of you to look inside and see the changes that can be made in you. It will change your life for the better!

129603Next is to learn Yoga. I love yoga! I haven't done it for very long because after I started I became pregnant and very sick. Now that I am feeling better I will be starting back up more regularly and hope to go up until I have the baby. I really really love the atmosphere, people and the way I feel afterwards.

IMG_5481Travel. This year we were blessed to be able to go Mexico, across the country to South Carolina and to the Dominican Republic for humanitarian reasons. The DR was such a great experience and one that I had been wanting to do for a long time. I hope to do more trips like this in the future.

IMG_3550Learn a new talent. Looking back on the year, I can't really think of anything new I picked up on (besides sewing) but I can always do it next year!

Blog more. I was able to re vamp my blog this summer and write more often. I have tried to keep up now that I am working, but it's something I still want to be more regular at.

The last goal was to start an Etsy business. Even though I didn't accomplish this one, I have planned for it and know what my store will be and what I will sell. I am working full time right now/pregnant and exhausted and don't want to start something I can't keep up with, so it will have to wait until next year- which I am totally fine with.

I love looking back at the year and seeing what good came of  it! Next year will be full of new changes and adventures that I am so excited about. This year pick one or 5 goals for the year and keep them visible so you can accomplish them! I promise it's a good feeling and you won't be sorry.