a boy!

Last Tuesday was the day.. we went to find out the gender of our baby! We wanted to know early so we could tell my parents on Christmas. I had a dream it was a girl and kinda had a feeling it was a girl. First they showed us this adorable profile and we saw our baby for the first time. Like most mothers, I'm guessing, these past 18 weeks I've worried everyday if the baby was okay, comfortable, getting enough water, still breathing and healthy. I try to always think positive, but sometimes I worry. When I saw that profile, I couldn't help but hold back tears..I was looking at MY baby. Then I got the feeling for the first time that we would be having a boy. She asked us if we were ready and announced it was a boy!!! I looked at Darren and the joy in his face was something I'll never forget. We were ecstatic. I wish we could hold onto that moment forever.

IMG_6311So far my pregnancy has been awesome. I have mostly good days and then I have days where it's an adjustment. A lot of the changes happening to my body were unexpected, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Even as I write this I can feel those rare flutter kicks and it reminds me how blessed I am to be his momma. Today I was able to feel him kick while my hand was on my belly and also have Darren feel for the first time. These little moments fill us with so much joy. True joy.

IMG_6383A few days ago I was showering and looked down at my ever growing belly and started to cry {another thing that's so strange... I'm an emotional person, but never this emotional}. I had an overwhelming feeling of how real this is and the love I feel for him already. I know a lot of you are probably thinking I'm a little obsessed with my babe.. and you are right. But really I don't want to miss a moment. I don't want to miss how sick I was or the first time I felt him in my tummy. I want to remember how I felt and how I grew during this time. I want my children to look back and always know how loved they were from day one.