my birthday + halloween

Since my birthday is close to Halloween, it's always been more of a celebration over the course of a few days which is so fun. Getting older is a funny thing though. The older I get the more I kinda dread my birthday because I don't want to be one year older! And I'm only 24... But still, 24 seems so old to me and I feel like a teenager inside sometimes. When I was younger I looked forward to disneyland every year with my dad and then in my teenage years I loved doing stuff with friends. Birthdays have always been so much fun and something I looked forward to. This year it was on a sunday so we didn't really have much planned and I knew it would feel like any other sunday. I was surprised though, how much fun I actually had. I woke up and we had a few hours to kill before church so Darren decided to give me my gift. I was completely shocked when I opened the box to find a new computer!! I really had no idea what he was giving me this year, but I was not disappointed in the least! It was really fun to be surprised.{this is my first post from my new computer!!} That day at church our 9 year old class had their primary program and did so well. I made them cookies and we had a really good time with them all day. Then we went to Darren's parents house and his mom made me a birthday dinner and cake! I haven't had cake in at least three years so it really meant a lot and made me feel special.  We finished the night celebrating my nieces birthday at my sisters house. It was such a great day and I realized that it doesn't matter how old I am, I will always appreciate the love from family and friends... It's all the little things that make me smile and make my day bright. I love my family so much! On Halloween this year we hung out and watched scary movies. We are kinda cheap, so we've never dressed up or gone to any haunted houses, but we seem to always go see a scary movie. This year we live in a basement apartment so no kids come trick or treating because you can't see our door from the street. So, I made cupcakes for our primary class and told them to come see us and they did! It was fun to have visitors and see their costumes! We hope you all had a happy and safe halloween!!