Beautiful Baby Boy


Hello world! Meet Tye Robert Hicken, my newest nephew! I had the opportunity to go to Arizona and help my sister with the birth of her 2nd baby this past week. This is a time I will never forget and always hold dear to my heart. Ryan and Kimber were kind enough to let me share this experience with them. I have 16 nieces and nephew, but have never been present at any of their births. It doesn't make me love him more than the others, but it definitely made me realize how precious life is and how much my family means to me. Seeing an infant come into the world is one of the {if not the} purest moments of happiness I have ever experienced. I don't think anything compares to it. One minute he's inside and the next he is here with us. It's incredible! It is an experience I will always hold close. I learned so much from my sister before and after he was born as well. Before I recognized how great of a mom she truly is to Van. I've always known this but seeing her give him her full energy when she was 40 weeks pregnant amazed me! She is so easy going, selfless and never makes Van seem like he is an inconvenience. She gives him her full attention and shows him how important he is to her. After Tye arrived she still made sure Van was okay and adjusting to having a new brother. During labor she was calm and collected and kind to the nurses. She's basically an angel in my eyes. I hope to be the kind of mother she is someday. I am so grateful I was able to spend the week with them! I learned so much about having a toddler, a newborn and getting no sleep! The day after they came home from the hospital I held Tye for hours as he slept and Kimber took a nap. Just me and him snuggling all day... Anyone who has held a newborn knows this is heaven! I kept looking down at his innocent face and couldn't help but tear up.  He really is perfect. My heart grew so much this past week and I am grateful for that.