Beauty Secrets

Most of you know I work at a boutique/ salon in Sugar House called Got Beauty. It's an amazing place stacked floor to ceiling with hair/ skin care products AND anything you would ever need for a gift, party, your home etc. If it's girly and pink, we have it. So, since I live and breath this stuff, I thought I would give some tips of my favorite hair care products that I love in the weeks to come.

First up is this amazing shampoo from Paul Mitchell in their Awapuhi line:


I was first introduced to this by my hair stylist a couple years ago. My hair is blonde so its always damaged and I live in Utah so it can get dry at times, too. It's always good to switch your shampoo every now and then but I have used this one twice consecutively because it's that good. I won't stop either until it stops working its magic on me.

This is what it offers:

It lathers a ton- this is important to me because I have a lot of hair and I don't have to use tons of it to get it to spread all over my head.

Sulfate free- Sulfate free is always good for your hair, especially if you color your hair.

Moisture- It hydrates my hair so much. Who doesn't want healthy hydrated hair?

Smells am-ahzing- The smell is what got me to buy it and will get you to buy it too.

It's cheap- I'm not sure about other places, but at Got Beauty we sell it for under $20. For a product junkie like me, that's cheap for a bottle that will last me a while.

The other product I use from this line is the Styling Treatment Oil:


I have just started using this product and I am already hooked. I haven't ever used an oil in my hair before, but I recently went blonde and have a lot of damage, so one of my co-workers recommended it. This is a leave in that you apply before blow drying. I was surprised at how well it worked in my hair!

It does a few different things:

Heat protectant- this is so important. Even if it's not an oil, you should always protect your hair from styling tools!

Silky smooth and shine- I wasn't expecting this. I realized when I would run my hands through my hair, it felt SO soft. I've used lots of stuff on my hair but never had anything make it soft.

Not too heavy- I kinda always stayed away from oils in fear that it would weigh my hair down or get greasy, but this one is very lightweight if you use the right amount. It doesn't feel like I have anything in my hair.

Moisture- again with the moisture.. but the thing with it being a leave in means that it gives your hair that hydration all day long!

I try a lot of different products all the time so it's nice when I find ones that actually make a difference in my hair. I will definitely be trying a lot more from this line since the oil has shown me once again how great it really is. Everyones hair is different so I say stick to what you like and what works for you, but also don't be afraid to try new things/ brands. Especially this one- you won't regret it! You can see the entire collection here.