It's that time of year again. Fall really does sneak up on us it seems. I feel like I was just wrapped up in summer and now there is a completely different vibe going on. We love fall because Grandpas garden is in full effect and he is more than willing to share. Lucky us! We have eaten all of these fruits and veggies and then some. I made zucchini bread for the first time on Sunday and it was so yummy! It gets me excited for the next couple of months and upcoming holidays.

I am back to work and Darren started school, so we are back in the real world again. It's a funny transition between summer and fall for us because in the summer I don't do much and Darren works nonstop. I am trying to find a balance of being really busy and having time for fun things, so I don't feel like work is all I do. I have started Yoga (more on that later) and we always do something adventurous on our days off. We are going to the fair this weekend! It should be a blast.

Happy Wednesday!