The Past Week

Things have been quiet the past couple of days. Last weekend I went with one of the wives to one of the plantations out here. It was so beautiful and fun to learn about the history of southern homes/slavery way back when. We also went to the beach one last time with all the wives and it was a blast! All of the wives are pretty much gone now and summer is coming to an end for us. Finally! I'm not happy summer is over, just happy to be going back home in a week and a half. I miss friends and family, having a schedule and working {believe it or not}. Today I got a much needed massage and thats about all I've done for the past 3 days. I've finished all the things I needed to get done this summer, so now I am just impatiently waiting!

This picture is from last weekend. I loved how beautiful the overcast sky was. Isn't is magical? We just sit in the sand for hours and hangout. It will definitely be the thing I miss most!