Love Your Skin

So if you know me, you know I am crazy about my sunscreen. When I was a young girl I used to stare at this lady in church who was a bit older and had perfect, porcelain skin and I always told myself that was how I would look when I was old. I didn't get too intense about applying sunscreen, though, until I went to school for esthetics and learned about skin. I learned that it starts at a fairly young age, you run the risk of cancer and it's hard to get rid of. It was then that I saw the importance of taking care of my skin and my body. I love my skin and don't want to harm it!


I am so terrified of getting sunspots and wrinkles on my face and arms and hands. Well, guess what I've found the past couple of days?! Tiny sunspots on my arms and legs. Thank goodness I don't have any on my face! It's not a ton, but I can't help think it's only the beginning if I'm not careful.

I grew up in CA and later moved to AZ, so I have always loved the sun, swimming, the beach etc. so I'm not saying anyone should give up being in the sun. But it is important to prevent and take care of your skin! I would rather be the lame-o always applying sunscreen than have skin cancer or look like I'm shriveling up to die. I apply a sunscreen anytime I am out at the beach or pool. When I am just going to work or running errands, I apply a foundation with sunscreen in it. It's two in one, so you have one less step to do. Also, I wear sunscreen even when it's cloudy out. You can get sun exposure even when it's overcast.

If you don't care about your skin then you will probably end up looking like the lady above...not really but almost. Most people just don't know a lot of these things, but it's so important! Wear your sunscreen!

*image borrowed from google