DIY: Floor Mat

I made this floor mat a couple months ago. I wanted a cute floor mat, but I knew the style I wanted would be out of my budget, so I decided to make it instead. Being married to Darren has taught me how to save money by making things or finding things for a much cheaper price at thrift stores, online, etc. I love it! This floor mat cost $10 for all of the supplies. I didn't follow a tutorial, I just made it up as I went. I bought a yard of heavy duty fabric from JoAnn's half off at $7. Did you know you can download the JoAnn's app on any smart phone and receive coupons all the time? I never buy fabric full price at Joann's. I am not sure what this fabric is called {so sorry!!} because I wasn't paying attention when I grabbed it. It kind of feels like a bath towel but more stiff. I sewed up the sides and that was it. So easy! For the triangles I cut a sponge in the shape I wanted and stamped them with grey paint. Let it dry and it was ready to be displayed!Image