I set a goal to do six sewing projects this year with my new sewing machine Darren bought me for Christmas last year. I have done about half of those projects and hope to finish all six before December 31st. I thought this goal would be so easy to accomplish because I love sewing, I have the whole summer to do whatever I want and I usually have a lot of free time. This summer ended up being a little more busy with work then I had planned, but I finally got to work on a project yesterday that I am so excited about. I can't say what it is because it's a gift, but I will post about it in the future.
Once I get going or have an idea about something to create, I cant stop! When I lived at home, my mom and my sister and I would sit for hours scrapbooking while we listened to music. I think that's why it makes me feel at home. It probably sounds silly, but I enjoy sitting in my apartment alone sewing, brainstorming and obsessing over my projects. I really love creating and being able to say it's handmade. I love exploring my talents and realizing I can do things I didn't always think I could do. This is the first time in my life I have had to sew without my mom or mother-in-law guiding me on what to do. The other day I had to thread a different color through the machine and I panicked! My mom had always threaded for me. So I whipped out my guide book and taught myself. It was fun to really teach myself how to do it! Dorky- I know.

Happy sewing...