4th of July... Finally

I have tried to blog about our 4th of July for a few days now and the pictures were acting crazy, so I am just now getting to it. For now, these are the only two pictures that are cooperating. But we had an awesome Fourth! My brother Taylor and his wife Nicole came to visit us from Virginia. We were so happy to have them and had so much fun all week. We spent the evening at the beach and watched fireworks with our Vivint family. We are grateful for our good friends who we can spend time with! I haven't spent the holiday with my family in a few years which is strange because it was tradition to always spend it together at my grandma's every year. When I think of the fourth, I think of my family and all the memories we have with each other. This year I finally felt like that a little bit again having three of my brothers with us. I love them so much!

I also am so grateful to be an American. After leaving the Country, I now realize what it truly means to be Proud to be American. I have so many opportunities and I am really free to do whatever I please and choose the life I want. I am so grateful for that! And I am so grateful for the men and women who make that happen- like my brother Taylor {photo below, left hand side} Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!!