Two weeks ago Darren and I left to the Dominican Republic to do dental Humanitarian work with his family. We stayed a couple extra days because Darren served his mission there and wanted to visit some members who he baptized. We were so excited to go! It had been one of my dreams for so long and he wanted to go back to his mission for a while. It was honestly such an eye opening experience for me in so many ways. I love everything about these people! I haven't ever been in the presence of so many amazing, loving and hard working people. I can say that it has changed my whole outlook on life..

Working with the kids was the best part by far. We just had to entertain a million kids while their parents were getting dental work done. These kids have touched my heart so much(I’m tearing up as I write this). Their souls are so perfect and innocent. They love in a way I have never seen before! They would just talk to me in Spanish all day long like I had any idea of what they were saying.  The littlest things like a bracelet, cookies, bottled water, jump ropes, etc made them so happy. The smiles on their faces were priceless anytime we would give them anything. They taught me such an important lesson of not judging people who are different and loving EVERYONE. It didn't matter that our skin color wasn't the same. They taught me that everyone is a child of God and each one of us is deserving of LOVE.

Being there was hard at times seeing the way people live and how poor they are. I am now so grateful and recognize all that I have. I missed the food, language, my bed and all those things while I was gone but I also wanted to stay and keep helping those people.  It was the happiest moments of my life realizing I was helping people who probably feel like they aren’t important sometimes.

I feel incredibly grateful to have had this experience!! I cant

 wait to do more in the future.