A New Name

I have wanted to change the name of this blog for a while now. I debated creating a whole new blog or just keeping this one since I have been writing on it for a couple years and I would have to start over. I have had two blogs in my life and neither of them have been what I envisioned. The first one I started was when I was single, really into photography and my brother helped me create it. The name of it was LR photo. There wasn't anything wrong with it but I wasn't going to be a professional photographer and I wanted to share other stuff on it too. And then I met Darren and had started a blog for him and I and called it Lindsay and Darren (the blog you are reading now). At this point I had two blogs and felt overwhelmed and unorganized. If you know me, I am very organized and hate a cluttered life. So I got rid of my personal blog last year and continued on this blog. Now the problem with this blog is that I don't post very much because it is a blog about Darren and I. I hate not being able to post much because I actually love blogging! I feel like I can't share any other experiences that don't involve us and what we are doing. I love blogging about our adventures together but I also want to share my other interests on here too. I hate feeling limited in my own space! So even though I will still share our lives on this blog, there will be some other things too. I enjoy doing many different things and have a lot to share and I hope you keep reading! I also wrote a little story about how the name began here.