AZ Roadtrip

We went to see Kimber's store in Chandler and I was seriously so
proud of my sister! I has been her dream for some time now and
I am so happy she made it come true. 
We always stop to look at the indian jewry

 Went to FROST in Gilbert where Toph works. The best gelato. Ever.
 Mr. Muggs was all up in our space. (Toph and Tiffs dog)
 The Gilbert Temple is looking gorgeous already!!
 Went to the Lake with our best friends

 We got to meet Abigail for the first time and see my siblings! 
She also loved Darrens face.

 Van was afraid of Darren again. Not sure why, its not like
he looks like a creep or anything.
 Going to church

I was so happy we could go. The trip was long over due and
I was missing my home terribly!!