a hectic life, a hectic house

No time for blogging these days
I am currently working 48 hour weeks because we are going out of town next month and I am trying to make up for the time I will be missing. That means I am one tired girl who kinda feels like a slave to my life. But it's okay! Two weeks from now I will be in lovely Arizona visiting my sweet family and I couldn't be happier! I miss them so much. SO much. And about a month from now we will be going on a trip that Darren's work has arranged in Cancun Mexico. Woohoo!! I am stoked about it because I dream of the beach and my toes in the sand all day everyday. Then by the end of April we will be moving once again for the summer to SOUTH CAROLINA!! I cant beleive I haven't even announced that yet. I am beyond ecstatic and cant wait to move to the east coast. I have read many books that are set in the Carolinas and it has always been my dream to visit there, let alone live there.
I am basically trying to work really long and hard right now while I look forward to the many adventures the next couple of months. It's what keeps me going...