Family Fun!

This past week we had the pleasure of having Brian (my youngest brother) here for a visit!
We love him so much and are so glad we had some quality time with him. We have missed him!
We had a packed weekend full of fun.. Darren and I both had a lot of days off of work
so it worked out perfect. The first day we went ice fishing and Brian caught a
huge fish!! We went snowboarding on New Years eve and then came home to get ready
and Brian hung out with Cheals at a couple high school parties. We had sunday dinner at Kelli's..then on Monday Brian went duck hunting for the first time!! He loved it.. and Darren loves hanging out with Brian and showing him all of his favorite adventures. They are basically best friends!
On Monday night we went to the hot springs up Spanish Fork canyon. It was amazing.. we started
hiking up the trail which normally takes 30-45 min but we discovered it was covered in ice!! It took an hour and a half to get up because we were slipping and sliding all over the place. We were laughing so hard even though it really hurt. When we got to the hot springs it was beautiful being surrounded by all the trees. I loved being up there with Brian & Cheals and showing them 
where I live and the things we do.
On the way back we basically would just sit down and slide down the ice on our feet. It was awesome! Definitely a night I will always cherish. 
On his last day we just ran errands and then went to see Ben, my brother who has been on 
a mission the last two years. It was so good to see him. I have missed him!! 
I love my family and it was so great to see them this week and spend time together!!