A Busy Month

Hello there! 
We have been busy this month.. which is the reason I haven't blogged in 2 weeks
 We love having Ben in Utah now! Darren and him finally met 
and we watched Ben's indoor soccer game.
 I went to breakfast with Abbey and Kristen (wives from the summer and BFFS)
This is my favorite picture of Tenley..
We also found out we will be living in SOUTH CAROLINA this summer!!!
 So many beautiful pictures of wildlife where we live.. I love it!
 My brother Taylor got engaged!! We love Nicole 
and are so happy she is joining our family
 I was able to go to dinner with some friends in Salt Lake. It was so fabulous being 
able to see them. I miss my friends!!

 One of my best friends from CA is having a baby!! I was able to go to her
baby shower. It was so great seeing her and I cant wait to meet her
little guy! Oh, and of course I made her little babe a beaver onesie!!
 My niece Chealsey got her permit!! I am so happy for her...
 but I wish she wouldn't grow up so fast!
 Vanessa loves her Uncle Ben.. even though she is trying not to smile.
 It finally snowed a ton again
 Darren found me a nail polish rack.. LOVE!!!
 Utah beauty
 Like I said.. we love having Ben here. It was our first temple trip together!!
And.. both our hair has grown!! 
Oh and my brother Taylor also got married... :) So happy for them!!

Hope you all had a wonderful month!!