my dream came true!!

Remember when I said we were going to NYC for the first time? Well here's the pictures from that trip, about a month late. We crammed in as much as we could and had so much fun while we were there! I had my list of things I wanted to see and do and we did it all except for the Rockefeller Center. It was so much cooler than I even imagined! The city has so much character and I feel like I only scratched the surface. What we did/saw while we were there: Central Park, took the subway for my first time, LDS Temple, Pizza, Times Square, China Town, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty boat ride, Occupy Wall Street, Shopping, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Serendipity, rode in a taxi :), Bryant Park ice skating rink... There is probably more that I can't remember, but we did a lot and my feet hurt SO bad!! I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. I am so thankful to my hunny for planning the trip for me. He is so good to me! Enjoy the pics :)
The poopy smelling subway.. loved it!!

 Central Park
 Ate tons of pizza, of course
 View from the Empire State Building.. So awesome!
 View of the city from the Statue of Liberty boat tour
 More pizza... overlooking ground zero
 Brooklyn Bridge dessert I've ever had!!
 And SO happy our best friends joined us!! We love T&T
 Me (SO happy to be in the city!!)