Our Thanksgiving Week In Photos

Sorry for you instagramers who have already seen these pics!
 The rest of my family hasn't seen these..

 Darren has to work late sometimes now, so I get to catch up on
 my shows that he doesn't like to watch with me :)
 I had my first "real" lash client and it was exciting and fun! 
Her lashes looked amazing! I cant wait to do it more...
 Cheals and I went to see Grandma down in Aurora and had a blast. We went the day before Thanksgiving to give her company and also because we love and miss her. She is one extraordinary lady and we loved hearing her many, many stories. We even helped her with the internet and skype so she can stay in touch with all of us. We love you Gram!

 Then came Thanksgiving.. It was a beautiful day. In the morning I was able to skype my brother Benjamin who just got home from his mission. I miss him so much and I am looking forward 
to seeing him in 5 weeks! We spent the rest of the day with Darrens family, 
eating and hanging out at the house all day long.
 This is Eagle. He cracks me up when he does this. 
 I got to spend more time with Darrens sister Sara 
this time and it was so nice! I love her.
We put up our first Christmas tree. It was very surreal this year having a husband to 
do this with and not my family. It was strange, but I liked it a lot. I am so 
excited for many more holidays and traditions with my man. 
 We accidentally ate McDonalds. I haven't had this in a very long long time 
and plan on going back to never eating there ever again, very soon.
My hair is getting super long (to me) and I am SO happy! 
The prenatal vitamins are working :) :)

What did you do for the Holiday?? 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!