It's Christmas Time at The Dickersons

I absolutely love the holidays. Today I had the day off so I spent most of my day at home crafting and baking while listening to Christmas music- of course. I find so much joy in creating a home for me and my love. I found myself myself.. while making my mommas bread and smelling it while it cooked. It took me back to memories of my home growing up and my mom. Its funny now that I am a wife, I find myself wanting to do all the things my mom was always trying to teach me. Turns out she was right the whole time! And I am so happy I have the opportunity to have this role now and be a homemaker.

 Can you see our toast ornament? It's real toast..

Made this yarn wreath and smiled the whole time

Also, notice the cute glass Christmas tree..

We had one in our house growing up and I found

the same one at DI!

I cant wait to be a homemaker as my day job :)

Ps. This is the BEST bread in the whole world. I don't care what anyone says!