best day.

Lets start with this day... my endowments and Easter. This day competes with my wedding day, it was that good. We started out the day meeting my family, who drove up a week early to start planning the wedding and to be at my endowments (Kim, Dad and Mom). Everyone met the Dickersons and stayed for the Dickerson easter egg hunt. It was so fun to have everyone together. Our families click so well! Then we went to the temple to get my clothes and garments. It was surreal. I couldn't believe it was happening. Its something you imagine your whole life and then you realize its in front of you. From the second we walked in the temple I got emotional. I had Darren by my side and they welcomed us in. All of the workers were so kind and I felt like I knew them. We went on to do everything and all of it was so special. I cant explain how grateful I was to have my mom by my side. I kept thinking of it being our first and only session together before she leaves for three years and I was so glad she was able to be with me. Then as we met with Darren later and I saw him, my heart melted. Nothing was better than seeing him and feeling at ease to have him with me. When we got to the last room and our family and friends joined us I couldn't believe all who came for me. I was in awe at the feeling of love that I felt in that room. We are so blessed and so grateful to have the friends and family that we do. It made our day so special and we are happy you were there. It was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget the feelings I had that day.
Afterwards, all of our family and friends went to Cafe Rio for dinner and grandpa D paid for everyone. It was so sweet of him!! It was such a wonderful day to be surrounded by people we love and to feel Gods presence with us.