85 days of summer.

we are starting this blog for friends and family to see what our lives consist of. we have so many fun plans ahead and want all of you to enjoy with us...

for those of you who don't know, darren and i were neighbors in provo for 3 months before we met one day on our balconies. it was a short introduction but enough to leave me intrigued. he left utah to go work without talking to me in real life so i kinda forgot about it. about a month later we started talking on facebook and haven't stopped since. i told him from the beginning i wanted nothing to do with a boyfriend, boys or marriage. i decided it was different with darren because he was so far away that i didn't feel pressure. i got to know him on a deeper level than i did with anyone else. i slowly started to truly care for him and he's become such a big part of my life. we've had a long distance relationship going for almost 3 months now, while he has been working in Virginia. the summer is almost over and we are anxious to spend time together again. its been 77 days since we had our first conversation and only 8 more until we get to see each other!(not that im counting)... finally no more skype dates and no more goodbyes. it has been a long summer and we've had to be very patient, but the time has flown by and its totally been worth the wait!

our first date.. virginia beach, VA


working hard


we hope you enjoy our blog!