Theres something so fulfilling and satisfying about being heard and understood and offering that for someone else in return. Every day I get to have this exchange with my sweet son, even though he cannot talk yet, and it is such and incredible thing. We see each other just as we are, hearts wide open. There is selfless love, forgiveness and empathy given to each other constantly and we never tire of it. We are there for each other and work together to make our days count.  

I thought of this as I helped him go to sleep tonight (as he fought hard the whole way) and felt that amazing connection again, the one I'll never get tired of. I offered a prayer of thanks for the gift of being able to experience it as he flung his arms around my neck and buried his head inside. His chest rising and falling with each breath, looking up at me every couple minutes with lips puckered for a kiss. (No joke, he does that and quite often I might add.) It is something he wants to do because it is done to him multiple times a day. It's obvious that he likes the comfort of being in our arms and feels so incredibly safe there. And what can be more satisfying than that? I quickly forgot the things I could be doing and held him so tightly. 

This is the very thing I dreamed of when he was born. Since the beginning I have wanted  him to feel close to us- emotionally and physically- in hope that he will carry those things into the relationships he will share with others as he grows. I believe it all starts at home and I hope I can give him the necessary tools to succeed in this area of life. And now that he is at the age where he understands and chooses to show affection on his own, I feel complete fulfillment and know we must be doing something right. Seeing it come to life has been one of my most cherished moments as his mama. 

Everyday he offers a love to me that knows no bounds. It's simple and easy and deserving. And in return it helps remind me to pass that same love on. If I can love like this for my son, I most certainly can extend it further to others around me. And that is one of the best reminders he could have given me today.